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Denver, Co. for work on August  15 August 21st. - 2010:
Went to Denver to work for The Cheesecake factory corp. again.
 4 locations needed visit around the area. Stared out at TCF in down-town Denver which we spent 3 days (nights). We headed to Park Meadows which is about 25-30 min drive from Denver. There is 1 Grand Lux Cafe' which is owned by this corporation also. We spent 1 night and did allot of work!
At the same mall area there is another restaurant (TCF), which we did the next night.
There where another (TCF) in Boulder which is just a little further from Denver than the 2 others. We spent the last night here with patching and faux finishing, before we headed back to the hotel to check out, and get back to California and L.A.
The main location were Down-town Denver which we did allot of touch-ups in all dining areas throughout the restaurant. Some wall patches after an old water leak had to be treated and painted. We also did faux finish of several wall areas and ceilings. The C.F. sign was painted with a gold plated paint and touched up with a black enamel before a clear laquer was sprayed on for protection. This is a great restaurant and are pretty busy, so again...working at nightime was a must!

Check out a few pics from The Cheescake Factroy in Denver: